Roche Papier Ciseaux

Contrast Web develops the Roche Papier Ciseaux microsite in less than
10 days for the movie's premiere.

Coded in Less Than 10 Days

In February 2013 we were given an opportunity to collaborate on the development of the Official Rock Paper Scissors Movie website. Our agency prides itself on helping local companies in the same space, we felt the urgent need to meet the movie’s premiere show deadline. With an unanimous team vote, we said “bring it on”.

The visual design was handled by a third party freelance designer and given our wealthy experience with developing interactive web products, we first requested a brainstorming session to iron out all the user experience and technical details. Some questions the team asked were in the lines of:

    • What are the main goals of this website?
    • Is this a single or multi-page website? And why?
    • What’s the best way to deliver the videos? Third party service or locally?
    • How will the website react to different screen resolutions?
    • Is the content populated dynamically for each language?
    • Which programming language will be deemed the most flexible for this project? And why?

By carefully scrutinizing every corner of the project, we were able to paint a big picture on the scope of work. With the entire team on the same page, we got down to getting our hands dirty. While the project manager was handling the details of the documentation, the frontend developers were researching javascript libraries, Vimeo Pro API’s and other technical jargon.

Although we had time constraints for the frontend development, the idea of skipping any procedural steps never crossed our minds. Brainstorming, team collaboration, documentation and miscellaneous preparations are critical for all projects — especially when they’re short deadlined.

The next following days (and nights) felt like our undergraduate years — filled with late night snacks, Red Bulls and power naps. Not only did we need to deliver on time, but also on increased quality. Our portfolio is extremely important to us, and to maintain a good-standing reputation, our team prides itself on delivering pristine, (nearly) bug free web products written with top of the line programming languages. Our culture is simple: Every project that comes through our doors is a chance to set a new benchmark and show-off our new-learned skills.

As a result of our close-knit team’s integrity, we delivered the website on time, but more importantly learned to be extremely agile in order to accommodate the client's request for our prompt assistance to complete the project to meet the imminent deadline. Our experience throughout the 10 day marathon can be directly felt by the product. It evokes our agency’s best qualities and has helped our team grow to new heights.

Our experiences as project collaborators for local and international advertising, creative, branding and communication agencies has allowed us to identify a need for a new type of technical partner: The business savvy and goal-focused web agency that acts as the strategy curator, designer/developer of the web marketing product, and right hand for all technical matters.

In mid 2014, Contrast Web launched its Digitize Your Agency program, which aims to fill that gap by sparking new relationships between agencies and Contrast Web — and drive new confidence for brands to deliver goal-focused web marketing products, yield higher margins, increase digital / internet billings and grow into uncharted areas.

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